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Yellow Billed Kite v2 by ASHPhotos

i think the picture is unorthodox, and the camera angle/focus is good... the bottom of the tail feathers is a bit blurry, thats expecte...


What have I become, 
but a spirit of my words?

The texts that will outlive me
scattered about the skies as
cinders of burned ideas
that will never be written

When I was ten I learned to hide myself
in a glass jar in my window frame-
no one knows anything when they're young.

We were forgotten locker combinations 
on dusty desks waiting for the day we could speak
without needing to raise our fists against the government.

So everyone wants to be an anarchist when they're a child
Yet I've seen so few reach their true potential 
without being poisoned by the truth.

Perhaps the world will never be saved
without a second coming to weed out
the depressed 
from the angry.

What are we but the ghosts of what we could be, 
shards of glass
and razor blades 
trailing behind as ribbons of sun
occasionally obscure our vision. 

But until the day the Earth slows enough
for the human race to jump off into the stars, 
We wait for ourselves to catch up
on the carousel of existence. 
Dear Stranger of whom I have loved,
A man with a shapeless form in the night,
A child with wonder-filled eyes shining as they stare sightlessly.

Dear wanderer of the shadowy ellipses,
do not go fearing to the past-
it holds no secrets
no false promises,
only realities-
only ghosts.

Memories will remain as they are,
immovable masses
slowly draining our spirits in their cold grasp

Dear statue,
remain as you are 
lest, should you change, 
let not the world not see...
else they lose themselves in your form. 
I'M BACK.  TAKE THAT ART HATING ADMINISTRATION WHO BLOCKS DEVIANTART! Anyway, I'm finally able to post more again, so yay! Hopefully I'll be on more from now on! 
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I have become one with the virtual sunrises
that control my life in a forever
hopeful escape of the harsh reality 
with its drowning razors
and silken ropes. 

A controller- my drug of 
becoming someone I'm not
is the most corporal way
to become smoke 

Flying on the haze 
of over-saturated colors
and jerkily-moving villains
who plot the same plots
forever remaining in a cycle-
awaiting my return 

there is no escape for them
they must remain in their prisons
caged in by rib bones
and fractured skulls

but they have grown used to their bastilles
living on thrones made
from blood and tears
of unwilling victims 
and half-dazed, 
dreaming children

Are these lounging captives
truly the ones leading us to our demise?
grimacing and cheerful ghosts
of our diseased imaginations.

I'm back!!!!!


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I'M BACK.  TAKE THAT ART HATING ADMINISTRATION WHO BLOCKS DEVIANTART! Anyway, I'm finally able to post more again, so yay! Hopefully I'll be on more from now on! 
  • Listening to: Imagine Dragons


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Hi everyone! I'm kate, and I'm a poet in the twelfth grade. Due to the apparent hate of my school toward art, I haven't been on deviant art for quite a bit. BUT I'M BACK NOW! So feel free to look through my art, leave a comment or suggestion, and just enjoy! Thanks! :huggle:
Hello Everyone!!  Welcome to my page!!  Have fun b

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I will write poetry based on favorite books, or on an idea or problem that people have.  Just note me if you want a commission.   :huggle:
Because i found out how much i love to write fan fics, I will write one-shots, or up to 3 part series for points for Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, and Kane Chronicles (If there are any ships you want to know if i can do, just ask!!). the ships levels range from fluff, to angst, to slash. if you want a commission, just note or comment.


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